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The Mid-Morning Dump: MVP v. MVP

The NFL showcase ends in a rout

PRIME TRICE With the Texas Tech kickoff being announced, Iowa State will have back to back home games on ABC.

SACK ATTACK (lol) Anyways, JaQuan Bailey nabbed co-defensive player of the week in the Big 12 with 3.5 sacks. He also has the most career sacks in team history.

POWER HOUR Football power rankings are hitting their stride with conference play, but Rothstein is throwing pre-season heat for Big 12 rankings... it doesn’t look great for us.

MAHOMMES V. JACKSON Two MVP’s under the age of 26 faced off last night. Spoiler alert, the Chiefs looked really good.

PLAYOFFS? Unbeknownst to me, the MLB is apparently doing playoffs now. If you’re into that kind of thing, here’s a preview.

NOT WHAT THE DOC PERSCRIBED Doc Rivers joins an absolute stacked NBA ‘free agency’ head coaching pool. The Clips might not have to look far for a replacement.

NOT BLAKE’S FAULT It’s likely Doc Rivers will get a HC job somewhere else, or if he needs a stunt double, Jamie Foxx should be the first in line. (Fast forward to 5:45 in the video)

GREEN BAY IS PACKIN’ The Packers, the team of Allen Lazard and some QB, are GOOD.

DOORS The Dallas Stars came up a few goals, and a few doors, short of the Stanley Cup. It was quite the run. (Follow @cfchangs9 if you don’t already)

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Lakers super fan, and Long Beach native, celebrating that WCF series win. West Coast rap at its absolute finest. If Southern California made a noise, it would sound like this.