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Litecast: The Great Debate (On Purdy’s Pick Six)

Was it the worst play in Iowa State history? Let’s debate.

Matt, Jared, and Austin are on this week’s Litecast as it was debate night on the recording.... was Brock Purdy’s pick six against TCU the worst ISU Football play ever? The crew recapped Iowa State’s road win against TCU, including the positives like great defensive line play and a Breece Hall breakout. Not all was great though, as we tried to talk out any potential defensive issues with Oklahoma coming to Ames next. Find out what Jared is willing to put up with for an upset win. Matt’s Twins and Vikings are in a freefall, and we try to determine if this is the worst time for Minnesota sports fans in awhile. Austin is nervous about the Cubs upcoming series against the Marlins. And the guys talk about the upcoming NBA Finals between the Heat and the Lakers. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring!