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The Mid-Morning Dump: Go With The Flow

Position breakdowns, incredible hair, and even more Covid-19 news. What more could you want?

JUST LOOK Defensive lineman of the country should be afraid, be very, very afraid.

FANS BLOCKED This seasons Volleyball and Soccer matches will not have fans in attendance.

WHAT TO WATCH FOR ICYMI check out anything and everything you’d want to know about Iowa States CB room this year.

STRONGEST OF THEM ALL This years Farm Strong team was announced to honor some of the Cyclones best student athletes.

ICE IN HIS VEINS OG Anunoby called game.

Oh, and with less than 2 days of rest the Nuggets got blown out.

WHO SAYS NO? Despite being able to get Iowa High School football some national attention, both Valley and Dowling’s ADs backed out.

WHATS BEST FOR THE LOSER There’s always tough decisions to make at the end of your playoff campaign, what moves should the NBAs first round exit teams make?

NASHS’ NEXT MOVE Steve Nash is in an interesting position with the Nets for his first coaching role, but he’s no stranger to these situations.

WELL DESERVED Ja Morant wins Rookie of the Year.