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This Week in GIFs: GAME WEEK

Football is back, baby.

Iowa State v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It certainly felt odd for the first weekend of September to pass without Cyclone Football.

Honestly this was not all that bad, since the season has managed to sneak up on all of us.

Everyone woke up to find college football on like:

Imagine being Big 10 or Pac 12 fans next weekend.

Hawkeye fans listening to the local media talk about nothing but the Cyclones for months should be enjoyable.

Speaking of fans, ISU won’t have them at the opener, which will have dire consequences for the university.

But regardless, football is back. That means more Brock Purdy touchdown passes to Charlie Kolar.

And it also means watching an improved Cyclone defense shut opposing teams down.

Hopefully, it also means the long awaited return of improved special teams play, something I personally need desperately.

This year’s squad has unlimited potential, and should help us all get through this a disaster of a year.

Cyclone fans: prepare your coolers, tighten up your grilling skills, and ready the yard games. It’s football time.