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The Mid-Morning Dump: Nobody Wants Bama

The Tide Rolls, Yawn.

PUT ON HOLD The Iowa State v. Kansas State game has been postponed.

ENGINE ENGINE NUMBER 9 Iowa State finishes in the top 10 of the final AP poll, and are in the top 10 of nearly every ‘too soon top 25’ ranking for 2021.

FOSTER FOOT Iowa State’s top freshman will be sidelined the rest of the year.

SABAN GETS SEVEN Alabama head coach passes other Alabama head coach for most titles all time. Because college football is dumb and stupid.

ONE HALF AND ONE FINGER Heisman winner DeVonta Smith just needed the first half to secure offensive MVP in the natty, after missing most of the second with a broken finger.

DIFFERENT SIZES, SAME COLORS Bama doesn’t just win a bunch of championships. They also have a billion Heisman winners, they just look very different.

THE WANDERER Not a Heisman winner (yet) is Alabama’s wide receiver John Metchie. Metchie is playing football on his third continent.

TALKIN BACHELOR Rodger Sherman, college football writer for The Ringer, wanted Coastal Carolina or Indiana in the Fiesta Bowl. Apparently, that was his second worst take in the last month. (Victoria is great television, and a very good villain. Must watch tv)

AT LEAST YOU’RE NOT THIS GUY Someone with a lot more money than me, lost a lot more money than me last night.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK The epitome of old school. Smooth beat, hip hoppy rhymes, and a hook so catchy, Javon Wims couldn’t even drop it.