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The Mid-Morning Dump: THIS LEAGUE

Big trade for a big name NBA player.

TAKIN’ CARE OF BUSINESS The Twister Sisters shot lights out to defeat the Lady Pokes.

MATT CAMPBELL TO THE LIONS? Matt Campbell definitely interviewed to be the Lions coach according to ESPN.

SIKE He did not. It was Dan Campbell.

STAT SHEET STUFFER Tyrese Haliburton had himself a night.

DYLAN’S BROOKLYN NETS Had a huge trade on Wednesday, shaking up the league.

BIG MAC Texas Tech stud Mac McClung nailed a game-winner to push the Tortillas passed the Longhorns in a huge upset.

BE NICE TO FRAN Mac said he would rather go celebrate with his teammates than talk to Fran Fraschilla (gotta respect it).

WE’RE TALKIN’ HOCKEY The NHL started their season last night, here’s everything you need to know.

WHAT TO EXPECT ESPN predicted every breakout player for each Top 25 team next season.