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The Mid-Morning Dump: Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover

Kansas Might’ve Lost, But Somebody Won

DOWN GOES BAYLOR The twister sisters snapped Baylor’s 61 game home winning streak over the weekend thanks in part to incredible play by Ashley Joens. They also won team of the week.

DAN DAKICH STINKS A friendly reminder that, grown man, Dan Dakich searches his own name on twitter, and then starts twitter fights with people that don’t like him

RB U Iowa State got a big time recruit over the weekend as well. Three star Eli Sanders, out of Chandler, Arizona picked the Cyclones over the Hawks, among other big time schools.

THE BACKDOOR Kansas’ end of the bench player had Kansas covering, and you can’t change my mind. The backdoor and the bank, both open in Waco on Monday nights.

GET WELL SOON FRED Former Iowa State coach, Fred Hoiberg, tested positive for Covid-19. We wish him a speedy and healthy recovery!

TALKIN’ NETS My Nets. are. so. good. at. basketball. It feels bad for any team who has to try to stop two of the best bucket getters the world has ever seen, not to mention, Kyrie Irving when he comes back.

ROSES REALLY SMELL LIKE Well shit, my pick to win it all had a self induced exit on episode three. Hurts.

MLK DAY Plenty of athletes spread their thanks and love on MLK Day yesterday, but this team is doing a little more to honor the American hero.

98.3 VIBE OF THE DAY That West Coast style synthesized beat, Eve’s bars, and a young Gwen Stefani chorus. Chef’s kiss.