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Litecast: Bill Fennelly Owns Baylor and Bachelor Recaps Return

And the Nets traded for James Harden. What a week!

Iowa State news has slowed down a bit, but the women’s basketball team now has a 2 game winning streak against Baylor. We break down how the win happened, Ashley Joens’ continued excellence, and Kim Mulkey being a predictably sore loser. The Twister Sisters also have a new player, and Jared explains how she is taking advantage of the unique wrinkle of the COVID season. Elsewhere in the news, the NFL playoffs roll on. Allen Lazard and AJ Klein will be playing for a Super Bowl bid this coming weekend. The Nets Minute had to be expanded, as the team we love to talk about pulled off a blockbuster trade. How do we think James Harden will fit in once the Nets have all 3 of their stars active? Lastly, the Bachelor is back, and Austin and Dylan have plenty of superlatives to talk about from the first 3 episodes.