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The Mid-Morning Dump: Is Flacco Elite?

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Idk, probably.

EVERYBODY LOVES TYRESE The Ringer breaks down Halliburton’s production so far this season.

RUN THE DAMN BALL Jake Brend recaps the season for the ISU running backs.

ELITE Joe Flacco was trending for some reason, is he a Hall of Famer?

BRANTLY TO TORONTO?? No. He’s back with the Astros despite reports of him signing with the Blue Jays.

ULTIMATE BALL KICKER GUY Cristiano Ronaldo nets his 760th goal, allegedly breaking the all-time record.

WOULD SOMEONE CHECK THE FACTS PLEASE Because we can never have any fun, Ronaldo did not break the record.

MAMBA FOREVER Nearly a year after his death, we reflect on Kobe Bryant’s life.