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The Mid-Morning Dump: Chiefs vs the Buccaneers

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Tom Brady is inevitable, and Pat Mahomes is unstoppable

BASKETBALL IS BACK. The Cyclones are supposed to return to action tonight with a limited roster.

WRASTLERS BEAT OU. It was a tight win but a good one for the Cyclones.

PHYSICAL PLAY AND FOUL TROUBLE. Both combined to doom the Twister Sisters.

MAHONES V BRADY. The Super Bowl is set, and it is going to be a good one, folks.

AND ROMO CALLED IT. Way back in week 12.

WHY KICK THAT FIELD GOAL? Matt LaFleur is still defending the decision, for some reason.

RODGERS OUT IN GREEN BAY? No one knows, but it’s pretty clear that he isn’t happy.

MATT STAFFORD IS FREE! The Lions are willing to trade him and he is willing to get the hell out of Detriot.

PRO BOWL ON MADDEN 21. Does anyone honestly still care about this game.

SALTY COACH K. Didn’t like a question from a student reporter.

UFC 257. Is this the end for Conor McGregor?