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The Mid-Afternoon Dump: Sorry I’m Late

Shifts That Start at 3:30 am Should be Abolished

OUT MANNED Literally and figure of speech-ally. Iowa State was down four starters and got blown out by a middle of the pack big 12 team.

WRASTLIN’ Iowa State is a top team no matter which ranking you use.

BEST WISHES to Caris LeVert as he underwent surgery for a cancerous growth on his kidney. I wish the former Brooklyn Net the best, hope he succeeds in Indy.

KOBE A year ago today, it’s as heartbreaking and unbelievable now as it was then. Rest in peace Kobe and Gigi.

BET THE HOUSE He wasn’t kidding.

ROSES ARE RED Violets are blue, the new girls showed up, and the old girls said “Who the f*** are you?”

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK I picked this song for two reasons. 1. It’s Biggie Smalls. 2. He sounds very similar to how I did around 2 am this morning before I headed to work. Drive safe, and blow that snow y’all.