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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mr. 700

Bill Fennelly Reaches 700 Career Wins

700 OF THEM THANGS That’s a whole lot of winning folks.

TWISTER SISTERS The biggest of shout outs to Aiden Wyatt who has spear headed the women’s coverage this year. Here’s his recap of the game (he did the graphic too, guy can do everything)

THE PISTONS? The Lakers drop one to one of the worst teams in the league after giving up a 16-0 run in the 4th quarter.

SOMEBODY HIRE THE GUY, YOU IDIOTS How Eric Bieniemy still doesn’t have a head coaching job, I have no idea, and Andy Reid seems to be equally as confused.

THE GUY or lack thereof in college basketball since Zion, has been a bit of knock on NCAA basketball. This year it might be because he’s getting $600,000 legally, and playing against G Leaguers and former pros to prepare for the ‘21 draft.

HOLD THE LINE? If you’re as confused as I am about stonks, The Ringer tries to put it in common man’s words.

SPLASH BROS TAKE 3? The D-Lo era was very short lived, Klay is hurt, if only there was a disgruntled scoring machine who was looking for a change of scenery...

THE BIG ONE DeShaun Watson wants out of Houston, and he might be the most valuable player to ever be traded in the NFL.

98.3 VIBE(S) OF THE WEEK A rare double dip into my favorite segment. We stay on the East Coast, but move over a couple of boroughs to Harlem’s Cam’Ron “Oh Boy”