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Litecast: PlayStation Fiesta Bowl Wrap-Up with Dylan Soehner

What better way to wrap up the season?

Jared Larson

The Litecast kicks off 2021 in a big way, as Iowa State is the Fiesta Bowl champion. Award-nominated journalist Jared Larson landed us TE Dylan Soehner for a wide ranging interview. Topics covered:

-How he got to Iowa State

-His high school career in Arkansas

-The famous TE-to-TE pass vs Oklahoma

-His & Jared’s Super Bowl shenanigans

-Matt Campbell-isms

-How Iowa State became Tight End U, and much more.

You guys won’t want to miss this one. Dylan is also a fan of our wonderful sponsor Es Tas Bar & Grill. Thanks again to our guest Dylan, and be on the lookout for him as he looks to continue his football career at the next level!

Dylan Soehner (89) throws a pass which eventually will be caught by Chase Allen (11) for a 22 yard gain.
Jared Larson