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The Mid-Morning Dump: It’s My Birthday

It’s my Tyrese Halliburton year, 22.

WEEKEND RUNDOWN If anyone forgot, we won the Fiesta Bowl folks. Here’s the post-mortem, recap, and a little something special from our very own Jake Brend.

LITECAST LANDS A BIG ONE I was unfortunately not able to join, but Dylan Soehner joins the pod.

F*** LHN It’s the network we all love to hate. Have fun not watching the game tonight because nobody has Longhorn Network. Horns down.

BIRTHDAY BROTHAS And now I know I share a birthday with Javan Johnson, I wish him well and hope he balls out on his birthday tonight.

WE’RE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS? The Eagles tanking got the New York sports market all up in their fields because their 6-10 Giants missed out on the playoffs. Here’s an idea: Win more than 6 games.

NETS? The Nets lost 6th man of the year candidate Spencer Dinwiddie for the season, KD will miss 4 pivotal games due to a COVID exposure, my Nets have a losing record. Strap in Nets bandwagon.

EXPAND THE GAME The WNBA sets their sights on ways, and specifically, places on how to expand their game.

TALKIN’ BACHELOR The Bachelor giveth, and The Bachelor taketh. After liking Tayshia’s top 4, I don’t think I liked 4 girls out of the 30 last night. Gross.

MR. MASERATI Baker Mayfield lived up to the hype this year. This isn’t your parent’s Cleveland Browns folks.

AUTZEN AUDIBLY WRONG After predicting Oregon winning easily due to the talent gap between the Ducks and the ‘Clones, the Autzen crew walks it back in the post game recap podcast.

98.3 VIBE OF THE WEEK Go shawty, ishyo birthday. The peak of 50 Cent’s reign at the top. I was only four years old, and I’m pretty sure I was even bumping this one in kindergarten.