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Let’s Go Pod-y: Kansas Jayhawks

Jer forgot to write something here

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 03 South Dakota at Kansas Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Pod: Jayhawk Slant

As you would expect during football season, the first 23 minutes of a 60 min pod is dedicated to Kansas basketball, basketball recruits, and their ‘Late Night in the Phog’ featuring I didn’t know they were still alive rappers: Run-DMC this year btw.

I was going to feature the pod from SbN sister site RockChalkTalk, but it turns out their Iowa State preview was mostly a guest from WRNL (Levi Stevenson) talking about how terrible it is to be cursed with a name like Levi. It’s an alright pod outside of that though, you should listen.

On the Duke Game

“I saw some good things honestly”

“Duke’s got a pretty nice offense … and up to the 3rd quarter Kansas is right in that football game”

“[Kansas] is fighting, they’re playing hard … offensive line looks much better”

“Unfortunately, every defense Kansas plays from here on out is probably going to be better than Duke”

On Big 12 Play

“[Kansas] still doesn’t have Big 12 depth … the 2nd halves are gonna be tough”

On Iowa State

“This weekend in Ames is going to be a real tall order … I don’t like this matchup”

“Somehow Baylor found a way to win the game, I think Iowa State was the better football team … sometimes the better team just doesn’t win”

“Combine [the loss to Baylor], going back home to Ames … a bad taste in their mouth from two early losses ... this is going to be a tough game for the Jayhawks”

On Charlie Kolar

“The Kolar kid might be as good as [a TE] comes. I think he’s headed for a 1st round draft pick”

On Recruiting the State of Kansas

“Iowa State has stocked the roster with a lot of guys from Kansas and Kansas City, a lot of talent that Kansas has to deal with this weekend”

Pick a Score

“I’m not even gonna pick a score, Iowa State is the better football team, they’ll be ready to play”


“I’m not picking a score either, this is the wrong team at the absolute wrong time. They are angry, they are like a wounded animal, this is an Iowa State team with a lot of pride who is reeling. I honestly expect Iowa State to come out like a bunch of wild dogs”

Authors note: Let’s please just beat Kansas by a million.