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The Mid-Morning Dump: Bye, Bye Week

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It’s a great week to beat Purple Kansas

ICYMI: Xavier Foster is no longer on the team.

And here are the details of why.

KANSAS STATE PREVIEW. From Sports Illustrated.

D’ERIQ KING OUT. This should be an interesting story to follow.

GEORGIA TITLE FAVORITE. As they should be, following Bama’s loss.

DOWN GOES BAMA. What a shocking game this was.

WILDEST RED RIVER EVER. What an unbelievable finish this was too.

BOSTON IS A GAME AWAY. From advancing to the ALCS.

WHITE SOX RALLY. To avoid elimination in the ALDS.

NFL WINNERS AND LOSERS. Once again, half the teams lost.

BAKER UPSET. At some questionable calls in loss to Chargers.

BILLS BILLS BILLS. Have to be the AFC favorites after last night.

COWBOYS KEEP ON WINNING. And they’re doing it with defense.