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Mid-Morning Dump: Spider 2 Y Don’t You Pack Your Things...

Gruden is out as Head Coach

WEEKEND WONT’CAP With the BYE week, not a lot of Iowa State football news. Brock Purdy, confirmed good though.

ONE MONTH AWAY If yesterday was 29 days, something tells me we’re four weeks away from Iowa State Men’s basketball.

THT SURGERY Horton-Tucker will be sideline for all of November and the start of December. He could return to a sizable role for the Lakers.

GRUDEN GONE E-mails are forever ladies and gents.

MY MVP Lamar Jackson is simply the best quarterback in the world and I won’t hear otherwise.

COACH DEION Jackson State is on a roll, and at the helm of the ship are two Sanders.

BO SAHX Are moving on. From the basement to the penthouse.

WHO’S NEXT The Rays are gone, could another big regular season favorite be going home soon?

NHL OPENING DAY Talkin’ hockey. Also just a reminder on how cool the Kraken are.

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK With the start of the NHL I wanted to bring back one of the best logos in the history of the NHL. You know it, you love it the Hartford Whalers.