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Let’s Go Pod-y: KSU Wildcats

I listen to opponents podcasts so you don’t have to!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 30 Baylor at Kansas State Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome the Let’s Go Pod-y, where I listen to opponent’s podcasts so you don’t have to!

Podcast: Boscoe’s Boys

Pod Length: 100M

Boscoe’s Boys podcast itself is very well put together, although the parts ISU fans would be interested in don’t start until minute 29. Jamie Steyer-Johnson puts together a nice prerecorded ISU primer and there is a similar one for KSU by Conner Bal-something. The primers are overviews of the season so far for each team, about 10 mins each, easy listening. Then everything gets real at minute 50.

If you don’t already dislike KState, this will probably do it for you. They’re basically a Midwest version of Oregon fans without the recruiting stars and level of success.


On Iowa State

“Iowa State has their backs up against the wall … they know that any loss from here on out ends it all”

“Their fanbase, love to take the wind out of them on Twitter, I’ve coined the term ‘Charlie Brown motherfuckers’, pull the ball away from them and you basically relegate them back to worrying about being bowl eligible.”

On the Importance of the Game

“My God is this an important week”

“We have to win this game, no doubt about it”

“One of our most anticipated games of the year looming this Saturday at night in Manhattan”

“We feel, the same way Iowa State probably does, that we need to win this game or the air will be let out of the balloon pretty significantly … I cannot state how big of game this actually is”

On Farmeggedon

“When the schedule came out, the first game I looked for was Farmeggedon … if you said we could only win one game - I mean I’d probably pick OU because I really wanted to beat them 3 straight times and they’re the best team - but after that it’s Iowa State”

“This game means a ton to me, and I think our generation, the Twitter generation, the message board generation … it means more to us. My dad, the old people, they don’t give a shit”

“Iowa State fans I interact with now are kind of funny, they’re embracing this rivalry, they’re trying to take over our twitter polls”

“It is funny that this rivalry was … kind of born on the internet”

“Twitter took what was born on goemaw and ran with it, it’s a combination of the Iowa State thin skin and KState’s ability to get under opposing teams skins.”

“It started as an internet thing, but it’s legitimately a real thing because you have that foundation, that funny internet history shit, but now we’re kind of competing for that same spot [in conference pecking order]”

On Jamie Steyer Johnson

“It’s a shame she’s not doing her own Iowa State podcast”

On KState podcasts

“When we started this we were the only KState podcast, now there are at least four”

“Our show has become the embodiment of KState twitter”

On 3 losses

“We’re 0-2 in conference, but we’ve lost to the two best teams in the conference”

“Texas Tech is in shambles, we’re TCU’s boogeyman, then KU, shit can get rolling, then West Virginia, they’ve had our number but we can beat them … who says we can’t go into Thanksgiving weekend with basically a play-in game with Texas for a championship team spot”

“you’re only leaving the state of Kansas one more time before the end of the conference season”

On Chris Klieman

“If we lose this game that’s 8 straight conference losses … a calendar year without winning a Big 12 game … it’s nuanced, but it’s still a fact.”

“There’s not a lot you can say [if KSU loses Farmeggedon] Klieman will be 1-2 against ISU, he’ll have 8 straight conference losses”

“You won’t get a good atmosphere in the stadium the rest of the season if you lose this game. … you won’t get some [KSU] fan’s attention again the rest of the season, until next year, and that sucks”

On recent Defense struggles

“We’ve dominated them [S. Illinois, Nevada & Stanford] on defense, this defense CAN be good”

“We’re gonna make a mistake this weekend, and our defense HAS to stand up”

“We came out of non-con looking very strong, but we got a dose of reality. The Big 12 is very strong, but it doesn’t get credit for it”

On Skylar Thompson

“Skylar was SO good [against OU], I mean outside of two horrendous passes that should have been intercepted, but he was so fucking good”

On the rivalry between KSU / ISU

“Iowa State is a true rival for us now, the players say it, the media recognizes it .. we just despise losing to them. The longest uninterrupted game in the country, which is pretty unbelievable”

“To suggest that Iowa State is the new KState, it just really rubs me the wrong way ... They had one conference championship in 1906 or some bullshit … they played like Comb University or something, teams basically that are nonexistent now. That always irked me so hardcore … we had legitimately a decade of pure dominance ‘93-’03 where we won, yes only one conference championship, but legitimately were like one win away from appearing in national championships for five years straight”

“We fuckin obliterate their, whatever, 100 years of history?!? Drove me insane! Drives me insane! because that narrative is still there because last year they had just a fluke year.”

“Fuck corn, fuck Iowa State, Charlie Brown motherfuckers”

On Matt Campbell

“I always hear that Matt Campbell is their Bill Snyder”

“Iowa State’s not going to leave lightly, I think Matt Campbell is a lifer… it’s gonna be competitive year in and year out. I love it”

“If they go back to Arlington again, win 10 games, I will respect them finally. Chris … errr whatever his name is, goofy Matt Campbell. GET A FUCKING HAT LIKE AN ADULT! You look like a goddamn toddler. I don’t like him, I just don’t like really anything about them”

On Keys to the Game

“Get inside of Purdy’s head early! The guy is a headcase. He will get in his own head, he will not escape, he will start seeing ghosts. If you get to him early the guy becomes a liability”

“I mean, knock on wood, but he’s [Purdy] pretty fucking average, and he’s Iowa State’s best quarterback ever and that just says everything you need to know”

“A big special teams play or a consistently good day from special teams could tip the scales in our favor”

“Last one is keep the aggressive energy on offense, go for it on 4th down … don’t settle for 3, go for 6”


“I have KState winning, I don’t feel super confident about it, I’m nervous, but something’s gotta give. It’s a massive game … I can’t gauge it, I’m gonna say Cats 30-20”

“Going my heart over my head. Iowa State 6, KState 96, Cat’s by 90. We’re gonna win. We’re gonna put the Charlie Brown motherfuckers back in their place”