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The Mid-Morning Dump: Swing Gate

How every sport has several different camera angles and we still can’t manage to get these calls right blows me away.

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I NEED MORE Can’t get enough of Mike Rose appreciation tweets.

BUILDING A CULTURE Catch a quick 5 minute interview with Otz during media day.

TRUST IN TYRESE This season won’t be the first time the basketball team has had to lean on a guard named Tyrese.

TOUGH TO TAKE Women’s soccer lost late to Texas Tech last night despite 9 saves from GK Jordan Silkowitz.

MIC’D UP IS ALWAYS UNDEFEATED Hear some of what goes on inside Cyclone volleyball’s practices.

WHY DOES THIS STILL HAPPEN Worst of all, the Dodgers get to advance.

HURTING SOME POCKETS Get it? Because his name is Hurts? I’ll see myself out.

JUST LIKE 7/11 Davante Adams is always open even though everyone on the field knows where Rodgers wants to throw, how?

NEXT UP? With Messi and Ronaldo aging, Mohamed Salah is slowly stepping into the best player in the world conversation.

EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS There are a reported 650,000 emails as part of the NFL’s investigation, something tells me that Gruden won’t be the only prominent figure losing their job as a result.