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Three Things We Learned: Farmageddon

“Evil spirits be gone” -Matt Campbell

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Brocktober is back?

Brock Purdy has had bigger games, he’s had flashier games, better statistical games, but I’m not sure if Purdy has ever played a more complete game than he did on Saturday. The senior quarterback was 22-25 for 208 yards with a touchdown and a quarterback rating of 92.3. The Cyclones were 9-15 on third down, largely in part to Purdy’s composure throughout the night.

Purdy made some huge throws, like his touchdown pass to Sean Shaw, but all in all Purdy consistent play throughout the night was huge in accomplishing what Iowa State accomplished.


An Iowa State kicker played nearly a perfect game. I repeat an Iowa State kicker played nearly a perfect game. Andrew Mevis made four field goals, all from 40+ yards to go with perfect extra points and four touchbacks. It’s ridiculous that this is a huge takeaway, but with Iowa State’s kicking woes over the years, this was a breath of fresh air.

While Iowa State was entering the locker room, the team chanted “Mevis!” I know that I was chanting Mevis, because nothing gets me excited like some good kicking.

Beat us at your own game, you cowards

It’s always been memorizing when someone copies something that Iowa State football is doing because, well, it’s Iowa State football. But when I remember that we’re a football school now, I realize there is a reason. Yesterday, Kansas State was in a 3-3-5 defense, the same one that Iowa State introduced in 2017 and has used since.

However, the Wildcats didn’t match the production, as Iowa State cut through the defense like hot butter. That said, it’s still cool that teams are copying Iowa State, even if their execution of it hasn't been matched. I won’t be shocked if K-State gets some dudes and makes the defense scary in the next five years.