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Litecast: Farmageddon Recap, Retro Logos, and NBA Guy Guessing Game

Long live the whirly bird!

The Litecast boys are back from a personal bye week as Matt, Austin, and Dylan start with a breakdown of Iowa State’s convincing win over Kansas State in Manhattan. Austin went to the game and recaps his trip. We all have opinions on the offensive star with a number of worthy options. After a confidence check on the offense and defense we look ahead to the homecoming game with undefeated #8 Oklahoma State in town. After all that, the guys recap everything from the last weekend of college football from the upset in Iowa City, the calamity in Austin, and a surprise coaching move at LSU.

Tertiary blue and the whirly bird are back! We go over some of our favorite retro Iowa State logos and speculate on a possible throwback uniform for this weekend. Then, with the NBA season just tipping off, Dylan leads us in a game of guessing where some classic guys are playing this year. Spoiler alert: we weren’t very good at it. Last but not least, Austin shares his theory about the Vikings and the Bears as we basically cheer for both teams who are terrible in similar ways. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill for sponsoring and happy homecoming!