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WRNL Interrogates: Cowboys Ride For Free

Maybe they will want to talk about 2011 for fun

Oklahoma State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

1. The Oklahoma State offense hasn’t been their usual high flying offense but their defense has been outstanding. Can the Oklahoma State offense return back their run up the score ways or are we seeing what this year’s version of Oklahoma State is? Run the ball and stuff you defensively.

I think the reality is that this is who the Cowboys are this season. They haven’t shown a true ability to put up a lot of points. That being said I think they are starting to find their stride. Jaylen Warren has proven to be incredibly effective for them. So it’s become a game of score just the right amount of points and the defense can take care of the rest. When your defense has proven they’re up to the task...why not?

2. What’s been the one thing that has most surprised you about this team so far?

Their ability to pull games out of thin air. If you asked me after game one if I thought we’re 6-0 following the Texas game, I would have said you were insane. I’m amazed OSU has not lost a game yet. They have the grit that has surprised me.

3. Let’s highlight some of the underappreciated players. Who are some players that Iowa State fans don’t know yet and will by the end of the day on Saturday?

We’ve talked about him before, but Jaylen Warren. For Iowa State fans that might not have been able to catch any Oklahoma State games are in for an awakening. Warren is the truth and I don’t think he’s getting the national recognition he deserves. He had a break-out game against Boise State where he ran for more than 200 yards.

4. How does Oklahoma State win this game?

Stopping Breece Hall and the offensive line creating good position for Jaylen Warren to run. I think that has to be your game plan. If they can be effective in the run game and stuff Breece I think OSU comes out of Ames with a win.

5. Do we wanna talk about the last time Oklahoma State came to Ames as a top ten team?

No and you’re a jerk for putting this question in. hahahahaha THE FIELD GOAL WAS GOOD!

6. Prediction time! Who do you got?

35-28 Clones....I don’t know why but this game gives me bad vibes