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Let’s go Pod-y: Oklahoma State Cowpeople

I listen to opponent's podcasts so you don’t have to!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 04 Missouri State at Oklahoma State Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to Let’s Go Pod-y, where I listen to opponent’s podcasts so you don’t have to!

Podcast: Cowboys Ride For Free (CRFF)

Pod Length: 49 minutes, the last 10 mins is just OSU basketball talk, you can stop listening about the 40 min mark.

I was worried about this week. All of the “Texas Recap” pods I listened to on Monday from Oklahoma State were so nice and respectful that I wondered if there would be anything worth quoting from the previews for an article. Thankfully, CRFF came through in the clutch with some overly confident chatter that, while not the vitriol of K-State, will still leave you shaking your head in disbelief. Enjoy!

On Confidence

“I am nervous, I am still nervous, I want to have a good feeling … right now I am just ready to get to Saturday and watch this game”

“I’m terrified of this game, but the more people talk about it - I’m like, we’re gonna win, and we’re gonna win walking away”

On the Iowa State Offense

“The Iowa State offense is not very good – but you can say the same thing about Oklahoma State – but our defense (OSU) is that good”

On Brock Purdy

“Brock Purdy is not that good”

“Brock Purdy is on that level Spencer Sanders is, good not great”

“Against a good defense Purdy turns over the ball, when Purdy has turnovers [Iowa State] has lost”

“I’m calling for 2 picks (from Purdy)”

“Purdy is only averaging 250 [passing] yards, he’s not that special, he’s not the guy playing for Texas”

On Breece Hall

“That dude [Breece Hall] is not Bijan, that dude is not Bijan, and we shut [Bijan] down”

“He [Breece Hall] isn’t that dynamic”

On the Defense

“Their [Iowa State] defensive stats are inflated by a ton (because of games against UNLV & Kansas)”

“Their defensive prowess is way overblown”

“They have this ‘really good run defense’ [sarcastically], but they’re allowing 50 more rushing yards per game in conference play… I think Warren gets close to 200 again”

“The thing I worry about is … their pass defense is really solid”

“They gave up almost 200 yards on the ground to Kansas, to Kansas!”

“In Big 12 play, their yards-against have gone way up on the ground … I think Warren goes 25 carries for 185 [rushing yards]”

On Iowa State in General

“They’re very similar teams [Oklahoma State & Iowa State]”

“Iowa State is a good team, I have nothing but hate for them, but they are a good team”

On Matt Campbell

“This is probably Campbell’s last year at Iowa State. He’ll end up and USC or in the NFL”

On Oklahoma State’s Defense

“If we’re up 17-10 at half, this game is over. The defense is that good”

“I think Oklahoma State’s defense, as fired up as they’re going to be, will hold Iowa State to under 200 yards total offense”

On the Spread

“For whatever reason Vegas has us -7. What do they know that we don’t?”

“-7, it’s big, it’s a big line”

On the 2011 Game

“Gundy tends to not lose these type of games … except in 2011”

“First off, that kick was good [in 2011] … it was a Friday night instead of Saturday, if it was a Saturday game we’d have probably won by 20”

“I think Gundy will use [the memory of 2011] and this defense will come out and just break Iowa State’s back, it’s gonna be full on Bane on Batman, over the knee from the start, [game] over.”

“I agree with you, it will be a rallying cry game, you’ll see motivated Cowboys”

On Higher Aspirations

“This is the year Gundy realizes he’s got one more shot at the Natty … this could be a statement game”

“If we make it through this game, we should … I won’t say it … but we should … until, going into Bedlam”

“I’ve lived through a lot of ‘Poke-Chokes*’, but this team is different”

*Author’s note: They have a NAME for it !?!?

On Crushing our Souls

“I honestly think this will be a crippling loss for Iowa State”

“If Iowa State loses, they sit at 4-3, so their season is essentially lost”

Score Predictions

“I’m on the hope train, this train is going to 11, and we’re gonna win this game 28-14”

“We will beat Iowa State”

“Not only with Oklahoma State win, but they will win by 14, and they will not be trailing at halftime”