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AHF Featured Farm: Creswell Farms

Actually Helping Farmers.

Here at Wide Right & Natty Lite, we do our best to Actually Help Farmers, and since we couldn’t afford stickers on a helmet with zero other purpose, we decided that we would make an effort to support Iowa farmers in another way.

In our AHF Featured Farm Project, we will honor one family farm each week of an Iowa State home game. We are searching for farms in Iowa that bring passion to the fields, both football and corn. Every nominated farm will have the option to purchase a custom shirt featuring their farm logo, and our AHF logo on the back (click here to buy the Creswell Farms AHF shirt). 50% of all shirt sales will go towards Practical Farmers of Iowa and the Farm Crisis Center in efforts to Actually Help Farmers.

This week, I spoke with Tyson Creswell of Creswell Farms. Creswell Farms is located just to the east of Reinbeck, Iowa, where they started in the early 1910s. Tyson is the 5th generation of Creswell Farms. His dad, Matt, currently leads the effort in farming the NE Iowa farm.

The Creswell’s have a history of ISU grads, making them big ISU fans. “My grandpa went to Iowa State for ag, my dad went for ag, and now I’m going for ag,” said the current Iowa State junior Tyson. Tyson’s sister, Paige, also currently attends the greatest university in the world. The whole family loves coming to any Iowa State events and rooting for the Cyclones.

When I asked Tyson what actually helping farmers meant to him, he said “Iowa State is able to give resources to farmers that they might not be able to get otherwise,” once again proving that Iowa State is the greatest university in the world.

On a personal note, I have known the Creswell family since I was young, being sandwiched between Tyson and Paige in school, playing sports from elementary to high school with Tyson (who was better known as “TC”), and having their mom, Nicole, as a teacher in elementary school. The Creswell’s are a great family and I’m honored to have a story about them and their farm!

Special thanks to the Creswell Family for their partnership and for Actually Helping Farmers!

Have a family farm or know someone actually helping farmers? Email to be featured!