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The Mid-Morning Dump: Weird Weekend of Football

Lots of oddities from the football weekend

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FOURTH DOWN DECISIONS. Didn’t always work but did have an impact.

REPORT CARD. On the Cyclone’s performance from Saturday.

NOTEBOOK. This Rob Gray guy does an A+ job on these.

IOWA STATE RECAP. Big win for the Cyclones.

BACK IN THE RACE? Maybe, but it happens one step at a time.

BIG 12 GOOD, BAD, UGLY. Great analysis from Heartland College Sports.


WORLD SERIES PRIMER. Braves - Astros should be a good one.

AP POLL UPDATE. Hint: Iowa State is back in it.

NINE OVERTIMES. Less than 40 points. Big 10 football, everyone.

OREGON SURVIVES. The playoff hope for the Pac 12 is dim but still lit.

CALEB WILLIAMS. Made a risky move that paid off.

CONSIDER WAKE. Wake Forest is 7-0.

MEEP, MEEP! UTSA is also undefeated.

600 TUDDYS. For Touchdown Tom Brady.

JIMMY G STILL THE GUY. Shanahan guesses?

WATSON TO CAROLINA OR MIAMI? Have fun with that.

STAFFORD WINS AGAINST LIONS. Detroit looked shockingly competent.

BADTRICK MAHOMES. Struggled and was benched late in a loss to the Titans.

OLIVER MARMOL. Is rumored to be St. Louis’s next manager