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The Mid-Morning Dump: Brock Purdy, Mr. Efficiency

The Dude Don’t Miss

WEEKEND RUNDOWN Here’s a look at the gamethread, recap, and post-mortem over the homecoming win this Saturday.

BIG 12 OPTW Brock Purdy got plenty of recognition for his play on Saturday, and rightfully so.

THE COOLEST VIDEO EVER I almost cried when I watched this the first time on Saturday. No joke.

10 SCHOLARSHIP PLAYERS What could go wrong?

JOEY AND THE JETS Elite QB, Joe Flacco, is getting a callback to New York to lead the Jets to a rocky finish in 2021

BACK TO BACK Like I’m Jordan 96-97. The Bulls are BACK. And off to their hottest start since ‘His Airness’ in 96.

THIS JUST IN Please credit WRNL for having this information first @espn

I’M NOT GOING TO WATCH AN INNING But if you’re into this type of thing, here’s a world series preview.

HE’S NO CAM THOMAS But Immanuel Quickley is at least a top 5 guard in the city of New York.