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The Mid-Morning Dump: Levi paid me $10 to do this

They ask me “why don’t I see you at the club?”, I ask them “why don’t I see you at the bank?”

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AWARD LIST SZN Be sure to vote Brock Purdy to be a semifinalist for the Davey O’Brien Award!

WRASSLIN’ The Fighting Kevin Dresser’s hosted media day yesterday.

DANCIN’ IN THE RAIN Iowa State soccer picked up a win against OU a few days ago, but these are some dope pictures.

MIKE ROSE apparently will be good to go this weekend.

STEPS FORWARD Josh Cavallo becomes the first A-League player to come out as gay.

BLACKHAWKS DOWN Tough time to be a Chicago Blackhawks fan.

WHAT DOING 76ERS Down by 20 at the half, the 76ers come out and practice their half-court shots.

CHICAGO CUBS LEGEND JORGE SOLER opens up the World Series with a bomb, leading to a Braves win.

100 DAYS UNTIL THE WINTER OLYMPICS Yes, you read that right.