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Three Things We Learned: Oklahoma State

Brocktober ain’t no joke

Syndication: The Ames Tribune Nirmalendu Majumdar/Ames Tribune / USA TODAY NETWORK

Our expectations were already low but...

Xavier Hutchinson scored a signature touchdown at the beginning of the second half but it got called back for “taunting.” To make things worse, the “taunting” happened before he scored, so it was called all the way back to the 18-yard line instead of adding to the kickoff. It was an abysmal call, perhaps the worst I’ve ever seen. That referee interference with the game is an abomination that got attention nationally, and it was well-deserved.

Luckily, X doesn’t care and ball doesn’t lie. Hutchinson scored anyways, and it wiped away the worst call in the history of football, but we won’t forget.

Brock Purdy is playing the best football of his life

Since Iowa State’s loss against Baylor, Purdy has completed 82.5% of his passes (66/80) fro 760 yards with seven touchdowns to zero interceptions. All of that with a 191.1 passer rating in three wins, that’s an undefeated stretch of nearly perfect football.

Iowa State has to give credit to Oklahoma State for bottling up Breece Hall and containing him for most of the game. In all honesty, making Brock Purdy beat them was probably the best strategy that they could’ve used, but Purdy came out and played at a high-level when the team needed him most.

Will McDonald IV is the most talented player in school history

I have no statistical evidence to back this up, so this is based purely off of my eye test, but McDonald is the best player that I have ever seen in the cardinal and gold. On Saturday, Gundy doubled and chipped McDonald to prevent him from blowing up plays. For the most part, it worked, outside of a batted down pass in the first half. But in the second half, on the most important possession of the game, he broke loose and sacked Spencer Sanders on second and third down.

McDonald already owns the Iowa State single-season sack record with 10.5 and is only a half sack behind Jaquan Bailey’s career record of 25.5. All things considered, McDonald will go down as the best defensive lineman in the history of the school after he takes home All-American honors this season.