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This Week in GIFs: Kansas

Iowa State utterly dominated Kansas on Saturday

Kansas v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

If there was ever a time Iowa State needed Kansas on the schedule, it was Saturday.

Starting off with a touchback felt nice after last week.

Jason Bean decided to kindly give Iowa State the football on their second drive.

That Charlie Kolar catch was something, folks.

Joe put ‘em on skates en route to a deep bomb from Purdy for a touchdown.


Brock Purdy started the game 5-5 for 96 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Special teams even managed to scramble the field goal team out in like 10 seconds before halftime.

All of us watching special teams after last weeks performance:

I mean the special teams coordinator has to be trolling us at this point.

The backups were getting ready to go out and dominate the second half like:

Lance Leipold sent his team out for the second half like

Hunter Dekkers has wheels and is thicc.

It was sure fun watching the young players cook.

Enjoy a relaxing weekend off, everyone.