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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mbappe and the Tramp

Talkin’ Soccer? Talkin’ Soccer

GET JUICY It took until October but we finally found a good time to wiggle.

BLACKOUT? Another night game, against a rival, on the road.. people are asking...

WEEKEND RECAP Take another look at Kansas getting molly whopped, here’s the recap, game thread and post mortem.

JAR LAR ASKS Jar Lar receives. I’m still marching band enemy #1 though.

A TRAMP? This is why I don’t watch soccer. If you’re going to insult a teammate, try to come up with a better insult.

SH-MONEY Who wants to pay a 22 year old center 40 million a year? I’m actually asking, I don’t know the answer.

BUBBA GETS A DUBBA 1 for 3 in sports I actually watch so far, but if your wearing a jumpman logo, and repping my side hustle doordash, I gotta respect it.

GABAGOOL Whoever says ‘The Sopranos’ wasn’t the greatest television show of all time, that man’s a liar. Here’s a look at Paulie Walnuts in the “Many Saints of Newark” prequal

LET’S GET WILD The MLB Wild Card is on the horizon. Love it or hate it, nine innings of win or go home off the rip isn’t a bad way to start a playoff.

CHRIS CREAMER SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK We don’t talk enough about the jumping jack lumber jack. The Nuggets going with the ABA red, white, and blue and using this as a primary logo for their first seven years as an NBA team, chef’s kiss.