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Litecast: Kansas Recap, Favorite Halloween Movies, Retroactive Hot Takes, and More!

There’s a lot to tackle heading into the bye week.

The band is back together on this episode of the Litecast as Austin, Matt, and Dylan start with a discussion on favorite Halloween movies and embrace debate on pumpkin beers. The guys recap Iowa State’s dominant win over Kansas with our favorite Brock Purdy touchdown, special teams excellence, and what feels most replicable going forward.

With no game this weekend, Matt and Austin share their collective struggles with the Vikings and the Bears and debate which head coach gets fired first. Dylan leads us on our first Nets minute of the 2021 season. The Hawks/Mavs trade is back under the microscope. Lastly, we finish off with some retroactive hot takes featuring an overrated SEC team, the New Big 12, and some college football teams being overlooked. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill as always for sponsoring!