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Let’s Go Pod-y: Texas Tech

I listen to opponent's podcasts so you don’t have to!

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 25 TFBI Shootout - Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to Let’s Go Pod-y where I listen to opponent’s podcasts so you don’t have to!

Podcast: 23 Personnel

Pod Length: 95 mins, ISU preview doesn’t start until the 62 (!) minute mark

Texas Tech fans are pretty checked out on actual football at this point. It was actually difficult finding ANY preview for the Iowa State game at all. What are they excited about? New head football coach Joey McGuire & the basketball season. This reminds me of any ISU football hire in the last couple decades, there is new hope in Lubbock and he even comes with the bonus of stealing a little luster from Baylor’s recent success. They’re excited, good for them, but they definitely don’t give many shits about the game this weekend.

23 Personnel is a pretty good listen though. They’re not cocky or arrogant at all like previous weeks, I’d compare them to a West Virginia with less football hope.

On Iowa State’s Returning Starters

“They’re all seniors & juniors! Kinda glad a bunch of these players are moving on. Other guy: Great, Get ‘em out of here finally! Get ‘em gone”

On Breece Hall

“The man everyone has to be worried about is Breece Hall ... he has more rushing TDs than Brock Purdy has passing TDs & is he’s their 4th leading receiver”

On Charlie Kolar

“One of the many giant tight ends on their roster is Charlie Kolar ... interesting enough, and I’m sure they bring this up every game against OU, Kolar is from Norman, Oklahoma”

On the ISU TEs & WRs

“Remember at the beginning of the season when I said they (ISU) didn’t have the receiving threats to keep up? yeah, they’ve managed, they’re doing just fine”

On the ISU Defense

“They (ISU) have a stupid-good defense again (lists miles of defensive stats for 2-3 mins) ... gosh”

“Defense is only giving up 6 rushing touchdowns on the year ... they’ve played 9 games (sigh)”

“This Iowa State defense completely shut down UT, a Texas team that put a seventy-burger on our butts not too long ago”

“TJ Storm at left tackle? It’s going to tough to execute any sort of (Tech) offense against an (ISU) offense that held Bijan frick’n Robinson and the entire Texas offense to 104 yards rushing”

On the ISU Offense

“Iowa State’s offense surprisingly not that good on 3rd down, only 33%, but Texas Tech is giving up 40% conversion rate on 3rd down. As bad as the Tech defense is on 4th down, the 3rd down is also pretty sus ... Other guy: Is that short for ‘suspect’? oh wow, I’m so old”

No Please

“I’d be okay if Joey McGuire wanted to go after Jon Heacock up there at Iowa State, get him down here as your defensive coordinator”

On the Tech Defense

“We somehow didn’t let Duece Vaughn run all over us, but we did let Skyler Thompson throw all over us”

On the Way-Back

“[discussing Tech’s last win over ISU in 2015] we gave up 245 rushing yards to one player and still won that game! what was his name? ran all over us, Warren ... Mike Warren, 23 carries for 245 yards”

On a Possible Upset

“There’s the the look-ahead sandwich at play here (for Iowa State), they have Oklahoma next week, but with the way their defense is playing, I don’t see it”


Guy 1: ISU 31 - Tech 17

Guy 2: ISU 35 - Tech 14