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Iowa State Football Post-Mortem: Taco Tech

I mean, what can you even say at this point

Brad Tollefson - AP Photo

Alright, we’ve sent Texas to the Shadow Realm so now we prepare for Oklah-oh wait. The Texas Tech Red Raiders stand in the way between the showdown in Norman, Oklahoma. So let’s wrap them up real quick and move on with our lives...

I’m going to switch up the article a bit this week and it’s going to be a long one that isn’t any fun to read, so stick with me here...

What Went Wrong

Where do I even begin...

Alright, so... so much for that introductory “paragraph” you just read. What happened to the Iowa State team that has run through Texas Tech each of the last few years under Matt Campbell. Better yet, what happened to the defense that literally just a week ago held Texas to their fewest offensive yards in half a decade? What happened to the running game that had averaged ~7.0 yards per carry over 3 of the last 4 games and had rushed for at least 140 yards in all 3 of those games? This was a Texas Tech team on their 3rd-string quarterback (Donovan Smith, who may as well have been Donovan McNabb for all intense and purpose), a Texas Tech team that gave up SEVENTY POINTS to Texas, a Texas Tech team that is less than a month removed from firing their head coach. And we show up with that performance? A game in which we go down 28-7 in the first 27 minutes of the game (our only scoring drive came on a short field set up by a tremendous Aric Horne) and then we finally put together a solid drive to cut the lead to 14. It felt good. Know we were getting the ball out of half to possibly cut it to 7, and suddenly we’re right back in it. Nope. We cut the lead to 14 just to immediately give up a 6-play drive setting up a 45-yard field goal by Jonathan Garibay to put us right back down 3 scores.

Oh, and by the way, we even had a chance to get the ball back AGAIN before the half, but gave up a 9 yard rush by SaRodorick Thompson on 3rd and 8 from the TTU 27-yard line. But it’s fine, we’ve come back from deficits before and I’m sur- and Brock just chucked a 50/50 ball 40 yards downfield and got intercepted. Great. For what it’s worth, I thought Brock actually played decently well considering he ONCE AGAIN had to run for his life every play of the game despite Tech oftentimes only rushing 3 defenders. And through all of that. Through all the adversity, through all the mistakes, through all the terrible play... we played our damn hearts out and fought all the way back to a 38-38 tie as again the defense gave up nothing the 2nd half following Heacock adjustments and it was all capped off by a FIFTEEN play, 68-yard drive over the final 4 minutes and we’re headed to overtime.


The defense went back to its softer zone coverage and immediately gave up 9 and 8 yard plays back-to-back and Tech is already close to midfield. Then we tightened it up closer to field goal range giving up 14 yards on the next 4 plays and it’s 3rd and 8 from the Cyclone 44. A 44-yard hail mary seemed likely as Tech receivers had won just about every jump-ball all game so here we go. Except Tech sends out the field goal unit!

They’re really going to give us a chance to either block this SIXTY-TWO-yard field goal or even get an explosive look at Jaylin Noel on a kick return with all those linemen on the field! Except your good buddy writing this article already knew what was coming:

You guessed it. The kicker with a career-long of 48 yards absolutely buried a 62-yarder. Not only that... it was probably good from about 70.

Game Over.

One week after one of the most dominant performances in Iowa State history, the Cyclones drop a game in the most Cyclones way possible.

What Went Right

Tight End U

It feels nigh impossible to find anything that went right after that 20-minute rant, but there were definitely upsides to Saturday’s loss. Charlie Kolar and Chase Allen leading the charge. Kolar and Allen combined for 12 catches, 120 yards and Kolar snagged 2 4th quarter touchdowns to help the Cyclones claw back into this game. Kolar has had a “quiet” season compared to the likes of Breece Hall who has, rightfully so, taken a lot of the attention, but Kolar is still right on pace for his numbers over the last 2 years with 41 catches, five-hundred and six yards, and 4 scores.

Breece Hall’s Touchdown Streak

Check. That makes 22.

Andrew Mevis

Perfect on-field goals, includig the game-tying field goal from 29 yards out, and even averaged almost 50 yards a punt. Andrew Mevis has been tremendous for the Cyclones and has more than made his mark on Cyclone Nation. Thank you, Andrew.

Sorry about the ranting and raving this week ladies and gentlemen. We’ll (hopefully) be back to normal next week, but I really just needed to do this one this week. Let’s go beat Oklahoma.

Weekly Grades

Offense: C

Defense: D+

Special Teams: B-

Dreams: Dead

OU: Next up