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This Week in GIFs: Texas Tech

Life is pain, pain is life

Iowa State v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Ah, nothing like an easy road trip to Lubbock, right? Right?


The secondary looked confused all game.

Iowa State’s defense when the other team huddles and we can’t see the signals:

The Texas Tech offense just smashed the Iowa State defense all game long.

Until Heacock unplugged the defense and then plugged it back in at halftime.

Brock Purdy threw three picks (and could have tossed a 4th).

Breece Hall just couldn’t run behind the offensive line.

Cyclone fans after having several reviews go our way:

Brock Purdy did drag the offense along to mount a second half comeback.

But settling for a late field goal instead of trying to score set the Cyclones up for late game shenanigans.

And of course, Texas Tech won on a 62 yard field goal.

Cyclone fans going to the bathroom and coming back expecting over time.

Interim coaches always seem to have their way with the Cyclones.

Let’s face it, Tech’s 3rd string quarterback just cooked the defense.

And it’s difficult to win when the defense cannot stop anybody for a half.

Iowa State’s special season has officially been wrecked.