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The Mid-Morning Dump: Tyrese Haliburton, Dancing With the Stars

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

GAMEDAY The Cyclones tip off against Alabama (is an actual state) State at 7pm on ESPN+ tonight.

MY BUNNIES Kinda got blown out by the Cyclone women last night. Which is a really solid win against a team that could win their conference this year.

62 BLEEPING YARDS Put in perspective. Why this team deserves every ounce of our fandom even after a disappointing loss.

THE BIG 1-3 The Big 10 went 1-3 last night in non conference play. But don’t worry, come February this conference of average teams will be praised as the best thing since sliced bread.

ENTER SANDMAN, AND A NEW COACH TOO Somewhere there is already a blog post connecting Matt Campbell to Blacksburg.

LUKA, MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE Tyrese had Luka Garza stumblin, fumblin, and bumblin all over the court last night. Watch ya’ ankles.

DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE Coach K’s grandson, as well as Duke’s diaper dandy we’re pulled over for DWI.

I AM INEVITABLE You could make Kevin Durant wear ice skates, make a basketball the shape of a tetrahedron, and KD is still dropping 40 on your head.

IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD DAY To hate Brad Davison. How is that guy still around?

TESTS POSITIVE Next to Brent Bielema’s name could mean a wide variety of things.

CHRIS CREAMER’S LOGO OF THE WEEK A little two for one here. The Spurs released my favorite city uniforms of the bunch. Something about that teal, pink, and orange just screams 90’s in all the best ways possible. Plus, I love a good obscure very minor league looking logo.