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Iowa Hangs Banner For Undefeated Streak Against Ohio St. From 2014-2021

You Get a Banner, You Get a Banner, You Get a Banner!

Todd Brommelkamp

The Iowa Hawkeyes have of storied history of numerous Outback Bowl wins, being ran over by Christian McCaffery in the Rose Bowl, and cornering the market on Wal-Mart Hawkeye merch. Today, they added another ribbon to that proud resume.

The Hawkeyes dropped the banner at Tuesday’s practice. Iowa is hoping to wow recruits with their daunting lossless streak against the Big 10 powerhouse Buckeyes. It’s been 8 years (A lot of people go to college for 8 years, looking at you Bohannon), since THEE Ohio State got one over the Hawkeyes.

And gosh darn it, it’s about time someone started to talk about that. Worry no longer, Hawkeye fans. Because today was a glorious moment for the program. One Hawkeye fan on Twitter said:

“Only playing the Buckeyes once in the last 7 years comes down to great coaching and game planning. The Hawks come prepared to never schedule Ohio St. and Kirk Ferentz should get a 10 year extension because of that”

I couldn’t agree more @HaydenFryFanHawkeyeState55-24GoHawks124219124. The banner was one of two, because let us not forget the instant classic bowl game the Hawks played in last year.

In Big 10 style, they shutout Missouri in a game where it felt like the Tigers’ offense never even showed up. A terrific defensive performance allowing 0 rushing yards, 0 receiving yards, and 0 yards total.

The Hawkeyes didn’t have a bad day either, and the play calling was more exotic than normal. Brian Ferentz didn’t even queue up a single HB draw on 3rd and 14.

The Hawks didn’t lose that game, and by golly, if that’s not worth hanging a banner in a practice facility, I don’t know what is.