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The Mid-Morning Dump: Trust The Process Always

Frick u if u don’t like Matt Campbell.

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SEMIFIZINALIST Breece Hall was named a semifinalist for the Doak Walker Award for the 2nd straight season.

ISU BASKETBALL IS EXCITING Yes this clip is a few days old, but it was a slow news day and Tyrese Hunter rules.

I WOULD TAKE A BULLET IF COACH CAMPBELL TOLD ME TO This clip of CMC surfaced the other day and people are taking it out of context and I love the process, you should too.

WANNA FEEL OLD? It’s been 10 years since Iowa State defeated 2nd-ranked Oklahoma State, relive it.

THAT’S A LOT OF DAMAGE Mel Tucker inked a TEN YEAR-$95 MILLION deal to keep him in East Lansing.

UNBELIEVABLE BABY! (Prayers to our dearly beloved Dick Vitale) The Big 10 is on the hot seat for being any good at basketball this year as George Mason upsets #20 Maryland.

TOUGH LOOK Texas Tech radio broadcasters to serve a suspension after comments made during last weekend’s ISU-TTU game.