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The Mid-Morning Dump: Pole Assassin and Her Pet Monkey

ESPN’s Newest 30 for 30

SEMI-FINALIST SZN Charlie Kolar is a third time semi finalist for the Mackey award, and Breece Hall is a Maxwell semi-finalist for the second straight year.

NIGHT GAME Things will be rowdy in Ames Saturday night. All black uniforms???

WEEKEND RECAP If you enjoy pain, here’s the gamethread and recap from the past weekend.


MORE ABSURDITY Pole Assassin then spent the rest of the night defending her pet monkey.

LOL Marcus Smart is asking Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to pass the ball more. Know your role kids, and stay in that lane.

FANTASY HEARTBREAK Derrick Henry had the Titans on his back as well as many a fantasy owner. His injury could derail all of those seasons.

WHAT DRAFT? The LA Rams are avoiding the draft like a trust fund kid in the late 60’s. They got Von Miller though, so not bad. (No idea if he’s still good if I’m gonna be honest)

L3Bron Jame3s The King is being forced to shoot more 3’s than he ever has. It has a whole lot to do with the Lakers’ spacing, or lack thereof.

CHRIS CREAMER SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK A special edition. All 30 NBA teams dropped their city uniforms yesterday. They’re supposed to be callbacks to old uniforms that the franchises have worn throughout their history. A trend that goes well with the NBA celebrating their 75th anniversary.