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Sooners Slam Door on Cyclones, 28-21

Still love this team.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a b-e-a-utiful day in Norman as the Cyclones take on the Oklahoma Sooners. Iowa State enters at 6-4 (4-3) and OU enters at 9-1 (6-1), both schools coming off of game-winning field goals last week. Wait what? Baylor’s kick wasn’t for the win and their field goal didn’t matter? Ah, well I’m sure Lincoln Riley reacted well to that. Anyway, I’ve been forced to look at Brady Quinn’s goofy haircut (and listen to his rancid takes) and the rest of the Mickey Mouse gameday crew for the last 2 hours so let’s get to some foosball. ‘Clones are +4, let’s roll.

The Cyclones start the day with the ball on their own 25. A horse collar penalty on 3rd down ignites Brock Purdy and company, picking up back-to-back first downs following the Sooner penalty. Quick hits the formula for ISU early. Purdy takes a shot to the endzone on 3rd down, but Scates seemingly doesn’t come down with it. After review, Scates had possession but fumbled out of the endzone, so we thought. Turns out, it touched the OU defender at the half-yard line, first down Cyclones inside the 1! They waste no time and give it to Breece Hall, touchdown! That is game number 23 in a row for Breece, tying the NCAA record. ‘Clonies lead, 7-0.

The Sooners waste no time, scoring on a 74 yard run by Caleb Williams, 7 all. Cyclones second drive starts from the 25 and Xaiver Hutchinson starts the drive on a reverse that he takes 11 yards for a first down. A penalty-plagued drive stalls out around midfield for Iowa State, but a solid punt from Corey Dunn sets up OU at their own 12. Iowa State forced a 3-and-out, and they get the ball back on their own 38 after a solid punt return from Jaylin Noel. 3-and-out for Iowa State after Brock Purdy gets killed. Ensuing OU possession sees a few first downs, but Mike Rose and Myles Purchase team up for a big stop on 3rd down to get the ball back. A big 4th and inches conversion from their own 19 yard line keeps the drive alive and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on OU gives ISU another 1st down. The Sooners continually get pressure on Purdy, and Mevis is forced to punt. Sooner football from their own 26.

Kennedy Brooks carries the Oklahoma drive as far as he could, but they would stall inside the red zone and would be forced to kick a field goal. Gabe Brkic does his best Cody Parkey impersonation (self-own there) and doinks it off the upright and Iowa State has the ball from their own 20-yard line with 5 and a half minutes in the first half. A pair of Purdy and Hall runs sparks the offense and has the Cyclones marching towards midfield. A big ole play from Brock to Chuck has ISU inside the 30, a 15-yard catch on 3rd and 7. In the next play, we have a Hunter Dekkers sighting, who flips it to Jaylin Noel and then Dekkers makes an insane grab on the pass back to him, but it’s all negated by an illegal forward pass on the original exchange from Dekkers to Noel. After the penalty, Brock Purdy loses the football, and OU scoops and scores in a wild turn of events, 14-7 Sooners at the half.

Oklahoma’s first offensive possession in the 2nd half starts from their own 20. Jon Heacock draws up the 3-and-out, a big sack from Mike Rose on 3rd down. Jaylin Noel’s return sets up Iowa State right around midfield. Cyclones were unable to do anything with it. Andrew Mevis kick an absolute PEACH of a punt and great coverage downs it at the one-yard line, “it chipped up like an Eric Heft wedge!” the call from John Walters. 55-yard punt. Will McDonald comes up with a strip-sack on 3rd down, but an OU offensive lineman recovers it and brings it out of the end zone. Could have been a Cyclone touchdown or safety, but ISU ball nonetheless.

Brock Purdy and company now from their own 45. After a couple of first downs, Iowa State is unable to get a yard on 3 plays and turn the ball over on downs back to Oklahoma. Oklahoma drives down the field and scores, and Brock Purdy heads to the locker room to get treated for a concussion, and it makes you think maybe there should have been targeting on ISU’s 4th down attempt.

Dekkers is now to lead the Cyclones from their own 30. Dekkers throws a pick on his first drive. Caleb Williams returns the favor and Iowa State has the ball back, but a drive seemingly comes to an end after not much noise, and then Andrew Mevis takes off and gains a HUGE first down at the Oklahoma 31 yard line. After the conversion, Iowa State is forced with another 4th down and Dekkers finds Breece Hall who makes an unbelievable one-handed catch to save the drive. Next play, Dekkers has Chase Allen who PUTS THE TEAM ON HIS GOD DAMN BACK AND CARRIES IT INTO THE END ZONE! Big score for the Whirlybirds as we’ve got a 7 point game with 10 minutes to go, 21-14 OU.

Jon Heacock dials up the defense and a sack by Will McDonald and others sets back Oklahoma, and they are forced to punt the ball back. Speaking of back, Brock Purdy is back in the game. 8:45 to go now from the 19-yard line. A 3-and-out is the result, and Mevis gets another great punt off and gives OU the ball from their own 32. A heavy dosage of Kennedy Brooks quickly has the Sooners driving and inside the 10 yard line. Eric Gray takes it in from 7 yards out to push the lead to 28-14 with 5:06 remaining.

The Cyclones' next drive was pretty productive, Iowa State moving the ball steadily before a pass interference call gives Iowa State the ball on the 2-yard line. Purdy then finds Charlie Kolar in the back of the end zone to make it a one-score game with 2:57 to play. Cyclones with 3 timeouts left. OU football from their own 25 now. Jon Heacock says quack quack ball back and draws up a beautiful defensive series in order for Iowa State to get the ball back with 1:46 left from their own 14, one timeout remaining. I’m going to give you some live emotions here, folks.

Kolar first down let's go. Kolar again! Back to back Charlie Kolar catches and Iowa State has the ball at midfield, but Brock Purdy takes a sack. 2nd and 19 from the 36 with 1:20 to go. No timeouts. Next play, Purdy finds Breece but he’s unable to bring it in for the catch. That hurt. Purdy finds Kolar at the 48 for a shot at a 4th and 6 play with 50 ticks left. This is it. Purdy fires it to Kolar! Still alive! A 16-yard catch for Charlie Kolar to move ISU to the 35-yard line with 43 seconds left. KOLAR AGAIN! First down Iowa State to the OU 20! Fast forward to 3rd and 10 with 28 seconds left. An incomplete pass to Sean Shaw sets up 4th and 10. Game on the line. Purdy overthrows Chase Allen by a few inches, and Oklahoma picks it off. Sooners win, 28-21.

I don’t know if you are still reading or not, but I’ve got a quick thing to say: this is the best time to be an Iowa State football fan and they have one more game at Jack Trice before we say goodbye to the greatest class in Iowa State history. Be there and send them off with a big ole thank you from Iowa State. Don’t be a dumb Iowa fan and give up. It’s “Loyal Sons Forever True” not “Loyal Sons When You Feel Like It”. Be proud to be a Cyclone. Go State.