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The Mid-Morning Dump: Feast Week is Here

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Green Bean Casserole is still overrated

THREEEEEES. Iowa State shot their way past Grambling State.

AND THE TWISTER SISTERS WERE ON FIRE. Using scorching shooting to beat Southern.

ROAD RECAP. Iowa State lost to Oklahoma on Saturday.

SENIOR BOWL. Rose and Kolar have been invited.

EMOTIONAL POSTGAME KOLAR. Really gotta feel for these seniors.

BIG 12 GOOD, BAD, UGLY. Great analysis from Heartland College Sports.

THIS IS WHY CAMPBELL NEVER LEAVES. Dan Mullen is out at Florida.

WOW SHOCKING. Oregon got HOUSED by Utah, are frauds.

PITT TO ACC TITLE GAME. The dream season for Pitt is still alive.

SPEAKING OF DREAM SEASON. UTSA stays unbeaten with late tipped pass.

NEBBY FAVORED. Over Iowa, and honestly the line makes sense.

SPEAKING OF NEBBY. Check out this obituary from Hastings, NE.

NFL PLAYOFF PICTURE. It is starting to shape up.

TOE TO BLAME? Aaron Rodgers says his toe is turfed up.

WEEK 11 TAKEAWAYS. Is anyone in the AFC good?

MALICE IN THE PALACE 2.0? Everyone but LeBron will get suspended.

STILL CONCERNED ABOUT PENG SHUAI. Despite some recent public appearances.