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Litecast: More Sad Football and a Bunch of Other Stuff

The last 20 minutes of this one got off the rails.

The Litecast is back for one more time before Thanksgiving as the crew breaks down Iowa State’s 28-21 loss at Oklahoma. We’re not mad, just disappointed. We try to make sense of why we can’t block and why we don’t throw 3rd down routes past the sticks. As this disappointing season comes to a close, it’s time to look at the future and break down Hunter Dekkers’ first extended run in a game plus if anyone will sit out the bowl game.

Beyond Iowa State football, we talk through some CFP scenarios, expansion possibilities, and hit the coaching carousel. We’re used to breaking down Matt Campbell but why not do it again?

The podcast then goes all the way off the rails as we discuss fun Iowa State basketball, breaking hollow records, and a bad teammate alert in Detroit after the Lakers-Pistons brawl. Enjoy the holiday!