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Thank You, Enyi Uwazurike

The unsung hero in the middle of Iowa State’s defensive revolution.

Let’s start with this: you’ve done the number 58 proud. Enyi Uwazurike has been as quiet as they come, but his play on the field has spoken volumes. You’ve been nothing short of spectacular. They call you a “Swiss Army Knife” and in your 6 years at Iowa State, we’ve seen you do everything from eating double teams like a Thanksgiving feast, to scoring touchdowns, and blocking kicks, finally becoming a sack artist (7.5 this year - 2nd on the team) in this bonus year. Thank you for setting the example for the next great group of Iowa State defensive lineman to make an impact even if it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

You came to Iowa State as a 3 star recruit from the Detroit area as one of the early commits in the Matt Campbell era. You worked incredibly hard to earn your place on the field. So many players have benefited from being your teammate and shined because of the dirty work that you’ve put in on the defensive line. Players like yourself are why Iowa State can be described as a “5 star culture”. You worked your way from redshirting as a freshman to terrorizing opposing QBs as a senior.

Thank you to all the work you put in to make yourself an NFL caliber defensive lineman. Thank you for being comfortable knowing that the level of your contributions and the impact you make on the defense will almost never show up in the stat sheet.

Jon Heacock’s 3-3-5 defense that ended the Big 12’s era of spread offense, and has since been copied all the way up to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, does not work without the man in the middle. You allow Will McDonald and Mike Rose to make the splash plays. Iowa State as a football program has taken tremendous strides in the last 5 years. I know you have us set up for continued success by setting the example. I hope we’ve done enough to celebrate all you’ve accomplished. As the latest in the line of 58s at Iowa State, you’ll never be forgotten. We are all looking forward to your next step and your NFL future.

Thank you, Enyi Uwazurike.