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Thank You, Tarique Milton

#1 on the field and #1 in our hearts

Charlie Neibergall - AP Photo

Tarique “The Freak” Milton

Hard to find a guy on this Iowa State Squad who’s been through more ups and downs than Tarique over his career with the Cyclones. Milton has battled through injuries, struggles, and everything you could possibly throw at someone on the football field. Milton hasn’t ever really been “The Guy” for a season, but when you’re playing with guys like Hakeem Butler, Deshaunte Jones, La’Michael Pettway, Xavier Hutchinson, and even tight ends like Charlie Kolar, Chase Allen, and Dylan Soehner, it was hard for Milton to find the snap count to put up numbers that could compete with those guys. Even still, #1 got those times to shine, nothing better than what he’s done this year being able to stretch defenses and open up the field for Purdy to work the field. Look no further than the epic trick play vs. Texas. Absolute money.

Milton had his best season in 2019 when he grabbed 35 passes for over 700 yards (over 20 yards per catch) and 3 scores. 2 of those 3 coming in the first 3 weeks against Iowa and ULM, both 73-yard catch and runs in 140+ yard games. As it looked like he’d be able to build on that season, injuries got the better of him in a wacky and crazy COVID year in 2020 in which he only played in 5 games: Louisiana, Texas, both games against Oklahoma, and the Fiesta Bowl versus the Oregon Ducks. Milton failed to find the end zone in those games, but still provided much-needed sparks both on and off the field.

His break-neck pace and ability to provide the ultimate big-play spark for this offense will certainly be missed, but as will the guy just eager to celebrate the performances of his teammates and his team on the sideline.

Tarique, it hasn’t always been pretty, but you’ve contributed to this team in countless ways without hesitating. The team has always come first. Cyclone Nation will definitely be cheering you on wherever your future takes you.

Thank you, Tarique Milton