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Litecast: Riot Bowl Recap & WBB Preview w/Connor Ferguson (Cyclone Fanatic)

Definitely some ref talk involved here.

The Litecast returns and it’s just Austin and Dylan this week. We start the episode with a long breakdown of the Riot Bowl. Iowa State took a tough loss, and we know the thing everyone wants to talk about, but first we go over the defensive struggles, and try and determine if it just wasn’t our day. Of course, then it was time to talk about the 4 big calls that affected the outcome of the game. Needless to say, we expect an apology letter from the Big 12 of some kind. Breece Hall definitely did not fumble. After that it’s time for a light roasting of our opponent this weekend. Texas is trending toward a sub .500 record, and we were glad to rub it in a bit.

This episode ends with a visit from our good friend Connor Ferguson from Cyclone Fanatic. He covers the women’s basketball team as that is the focus of our first preview of the season. We go over Ashley Joens, who is going to step up in the post, games to watch, and how the Big 12 looks without Kim Mulkey in the conference anymore. We’re excited for a great brand of basketball and a team that is ready to win. Follow Connor @cfchangs9 for more basketball and racing content! Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill for their continued sponsorship!