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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Unforseen

I’m Tired.

BREAKING: Matt Campbell is headed to- his kitchen table to finish some leftover birthday cake while all of us nerds overreact to. Every. Single. Thing. On. Twitter. Ever.

BRINGIN THE MAGIC BACK I wanted that to be a t-shirt but trademark literally ruins all the fun I could ever have. GET OVER YOURSELVES IOWA STATE TRADEMARK POLICE.

UNDEFEATED Iowa State men’s and women’s basketball remain undefeated throughout the month of November. Seems good.

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT I can’t wait until the New Big 12 is literally the best conference in football and basketball in 5 years while OU and Texas are both 4-8.

BYE-AN KELLY Left Notre Dame with an Irish goodbye and now the Cathedral of Football is on a damn inquisition to find their next coach. Lord help us all.

THE UNFORSEEN Matt Campbell certainly seems like a candidate for the gig, but from the noise on twitter, it sounds like he’s option C. Cincy’s Luke Fickell, and their current DC Marcus Freeman are the likely candidates.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE Once Notre Dame fills their position that should be the last big-time college opening this off-season. Chicago please don’t fire Matt Nagy, not yet.

SO UH, WHAT ELSE IS GOIN’ ON? My former favorite baseball player got a BAG, but has to play in Detroit, Michigan. So, that’s tough.

LOSERS If you’re bad, that means Vegas is good. And let me tell ya, Vegas is GOOD.

KOC NBA Kevin O’Connor does exceptional work analyzing and commentating on basketball. One of my favorites.

ZAGS? Duke, Tarleton State, what’s the difference?

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO(S) OF THE WEEK The USFL is back baby and not even Trump’s small potatoes can ruin it this time. The USFL has 8 teams, and a couple of them opted for their original, VERY 80’s-esque logos.