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Betting the Big 12: Week 10

This column is coming back in a way that Texa$ never will.


On the eve of Texas’ last ever game they’ll play in a place that gets cold in the winter, let me just say, screw ‘em. Texas is the most entitled, least self-aware fanbase on the planet. They’ll never be back. They made that abundantly clear when they took the bag from the SEC to get beat up on by Alabama every year.

Maybe Nick Saban’s next offensive coordinator will turn the program around? Maybe if they add more celebrity fans, or spend more money on weird stadium upgrades? At least you’ll be ranked somewhere around 15th in every preseason poll from now to eternity? Nah. It’s not happening.

We folks in Ames will gleefully watch on. Thankfully, we’re past the point where the Big 12 looked like it would dissolve. In fact, we may end up on the better end of the deal. I’m ready for us to take our perch on the podium of conferences, while those rich guys in Austin collect slightly more money than they already had or will ever need. Goodbye Texas. I’d say I hope to meet you again someday in a bowl game, but it doesn’t seem like too many of those will be in your future.

I stink at picking these Big 12 games right now. There, I said it. No other way around it. But, as they (well, me) say, you don’t officially lose until you walk away. So with that said, this is the week I come back. No doubt about it. Iowa State’s opponent will never be back, but I will. Let’s get some winners!


Kansas State (5-3) at Kansas (1-7)

Kickoff: 11:00am | TV: FS1 | The Line: Kansas State -24

So Kansas was a terrible pick last week. How about we jump on board again? I hate starting the weekend with the Jayhawks. Call it a hunch, but K-State isn’t anything special, so this one stays surprisingly close and K-State wins it by 10.

Pick: Kansas +24

#11 Oklahoma State (7-1) at West Virginia (4-4)

Kickoff: 2:30pm | TV: ESPN | The Line: Oklahoma State -3.5

Is West Virginia really going to put 3 complete games in a row? I say no. The Cowboys offense isn’t anything special, but they’ll move the ball enough. I see this as a great Okie State defensive effort in a 7 point win on the road.

Pick: Oklahoma State -3.5

#12 Baylor (7-1) at TCU (3-5)

Kickoff: 2:30pm | TV: FOX | The Line: TCU +7

Time for the interim coach bounce. It’s not the same as a firing without Gary Patterson, but it might as well have been. TCU is a team in need of a complete reset, and I think this will be their best effort of the season. It may not be enough to beat Baylor, but it’ll be close in Fort Worth.

Pick: TCU +7

Texas (4-4) at Iowa State (5-3)

Kickoff: 6:30pm | TV: FS1 | The Line: Iowa State -6.5

Angry Jack Trice? Check. Angry Iowa State team off a tough loss? Check. Completely overrated Texa$ team that is about to fall below .500 but assumes they can compete in the SEC? Check, check, check. Texas is not back. They will never be back. Clones by a million.

Pick: Iowa State -6.5


Liberty at Ole Miss -9.5

I’m assuming Matt Corral plays this game. Guaranteed that Lane Kiffin would love nothing more than to stick it to Hugh Freeze in the most awkward homecoming of the weekend. Liberty hasn’t played an opponent anywhere near this caliber yet. The Rebels are winning this easily.


Bears +6 at Steelers

Simple logic here. The Steelers are not great. Big Ben can’t move anymore. They shouldn’t be favored by 6 points against anyone. I’m counting on them to fall back to Earth a little bit. Justin Fields is getting better, and if he’s finally using his legs, he’ll make enough plays to keep this close.


Odds to make the CFP?

Alabama -500

Alabama again -200

Georgia & Alabama’s backups -150

Oklahoma +120

Cincinnati +10000000000

SEASON RECORD: 30-35-1 (-8.5 units)