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Offensive & Defensive Players to Watch: Texas

Horns Down, Monkeys Up

Oklahoma State v Iowa State Photo by David K Purdy/Getty Images

Iowa State

Offense Brocktober, and sadly the last one, is over. Brock Purdy would’ve liked a different outcome to his Brocktober finale against West Virginia. Purdy has his least amount of throwing yards since Iowa, and he had 11 incompletions after having only 14 incompletions the rest of October. I would expect Texas to stack the box, and Iowa State is going to have to chain together long drives on Saturday to beat the Longhorns.

Defense The secondary. Woof. I truly do think the hardest position to play in football is a cornerback. Great coverage without committing a penalty is walking a very thin tight rope over a pit of free pass interference yards. However, the coverage against West Virginia was dreadful. It seemed like WVU had a buffet on the passing offense. There was blown coverages, receivers burning the corners, not being able to force an incompletion on a deep ball in double coverage. The defensive secondary last week was almost as bad as the officiating. Almost.

Oklahoma State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images


Offense Bijan Robinson has been a big name all season. Breece Hall has more yards, more touchdowns, and more yards per game. BUT, close behind is Robinson in all of those categories. This could be a strange Big 12 game. I don’t expect a Red River shootout like we saw earlier this season. This game will be won with running backs and the line of scrimmage. Whoever wins those two battles, will win the war on Saturday.

Defense Pole Assassin’s pet monkey. Guard your necks Cyclone offense. It ain’t safe out there.