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Iowa State Football Post-Mortem: Texa$

S-E-C-you later!

Charlie Neibergall / AP Photo

Well, last week was frustrating, but it’s time to move on. We have bigger fish to fry... or rather... bigger... cows to grill? I don’t know, but you get the idea. Bevo is coming to town for what could be the final time and Iowa State and their 61,500 fans are going to be ticked off after how last week went, and with the last-minute change to the all-black uniforms, it’s time. Texas. Primetime. Jack Trice Stadium.

What Went Wrong

First Half Offense

Iowa State managed to get 8 offensive drives in the first half (7 if you don’t include the kneel down) and only managed 3 points on their first drive which started at the Longhorns’ 39-yard line due to a Bijan Robinson fumble on just the 2nd play of the game. The Cyclone offense got absolutely nothing going in the first half at all. They did find just under 180 total yards, but when you get 8 drives, averaging around 20 yards a drive isn’t great. I’m not entirely sure what was wrong in the first half. Was it just Texas being more physical in the trenches? Were we still trying to move on from last week? I genuinely don’t know.

Offensive Line

The O-Line has been causing concern much of the year and considering some of the statements made by Head Coach Matt Campbell prior to the season, that’s not what people would expect. Considering this has been a concern all year, you’d think come November you’d see some improvement. Frankly, that hasn’t been the case. The line was once again fairly disappointing on Saturday, particularly in the first half. Maybe(?) that’s why we looked so off-kilter in the first half? Much like when I’ve ragged on the unit before now, this has to be better with OU still on the schedule... The Sooners’ defensive front is disruptive and explosive and they will run over this unit if something doesn’t kick into gear soon.

What Went Right


Speaking of explosive, how about the good ‘ol double pass from Xavier Hutchinson to Tarique Milton! Cyclone fans may remember this play as it was very similar to the double pass a few years back against Iowa from Deshaunte Jones to La’Michael Pettway. Send the first guy in motion, send the second guy on a streak down the sideline, profit. It’s such a genius design for this team given how often Tom Manning calls those quick bubble screens and swing routes that EVERYONE in the Longhorns secondary fell victim to it.

Love to see this type of play-calling thrown out there every once in a while (even if, as Hutchinson said post-game, the play failed both times they ran it in practice.) Well done, guys. Also, love to see Kyle Kempt sprinting down the sideline to celebrate a Tarique Milton touchdown. Never leave us, Kyle.

Breece Hall

Ankles beware, Breece Hall has the ball in his hands.

21 straight games finding the end zone. Another 100+ yard day on the ground. More highlight real plays. Another 40+ yard touchdown run.

Rinse. And. Repeat. It’s just incredible.


How does “Hold Texas to 207 yards of offense” sound? How does “Hold Texas to 7 points” sound? How does “Force 2 Bijan Robinson fumbles” sound? How does “DO ALL OF THOSE IN THE SAME GAME” sound? On top of that, Will McDonald is just out here setting the school record for career sacks, Anthony Johnson is out here breaking up passes, and Enyi Uwazurike is setting personal marks for sacks AND tackles. Just overall complete domination from that side of the ball on Saturday night and when the offense wasn’t clicking, they stayed the course and kept the team and crowd in the game.


Man. I talked about it in the Oklahoma State Post-Mortem, but Jack Trice has been ELECTRIC for games this year, and Saturday was no different. Another tremendous showing from Cyclone Nation to send Texa$ off to the SEC on 3 straight losses to Matt Campbell and the Iowa State football program.

Weekly Grades

Offense: B-/C+

Defense: A+++

Special Teams: A (including Kene on Sunday in Baltimore) B+ otherwise

Takesies Backsies: Not available, SEC

Horns: Most definitely down

Texas: Barbequed