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The Mid-Morning Dump: We Sleep in May

It Spreads

OTZ O’CLOCK The first game of the Otzelberger era tips off tonight along with a massive slate of college hoops across the country.

12TH RANKED TWSTER SISTERS A complete 180, the women’s team has high expectations coming into the season.

WEEKEND RECAP We’re still doing the football though, and we’re doing it well. Here’s the gamethread, post mortem, recap AND a little self-plug for the Litecast.

WEEKLY AWARDS A couple of cyclones were given weekly big 12 awards for their performance against Texas

THE JOKER I’d be more harsh, but it was a Morris twin on the receiving end of this. So I’m gonna call this a ‘play on’ and check it at the top of the key situation.

IN HIS BAG Steph Curry had to let Trae Young know that he’s still that guy. Can’t wait till Trae Young returns the favor while Curry is on his farewell tour, save the date.

KAT BANK The bank was open, but the overtime win was closed for the T-Wolves. This was KAT’s first three point make of the game by the way.

DA REFS At least I know what Big 12 refs are up to on Monday’s now.

DON’T TAKE YOUR GUNS TO IG LIVE Keep your guns at home, Bill. Raiders are having a tough go of it.

ARE THERE ANY GOOD TEAMS In the AFC? Are the Titans your king?

CHRIS CREAMER SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK As the college basketball season kicks off, I want to introduce you all to MY St. Bonaventure Bonnies. The favorites of the A-10 a team of five returning seniors. And the best defense East of the Mississippi. Bonnie Up!!!