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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Transfer Portal Has Entered the Transfer Portal

The Portal Giveth, and the Portal Taketh Away

TRANSFERS The portal is a staple in college sports, but Iowa State had a couple of big-name surprises looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

THE PORTAL GIVETH Either get right or get left. If you don’t adapt in college football, you get left behind pretty quickly. The Cyclones picked up a BIG O-Line recruit in the portal.

FINALS WEEK The slate SUCKS all around the country this week for college basketball. Both Iowa State teams will take the court again this Sunday. Here’s some power rankings with us in the top 10 to hold you over.

C5C To one video editor to another, the ISU Men’s Basketball team is absolutely killing it. I would binge watch these on Netflix.

RATTLER TO USC Oh, nope not, that USC. I could see how that could be confusing.

ALL-TIME LIST Steph Curry is one 3-pt shot away from breaking Ray Allen’s all-time record of 3 pointers made in a career. A record he could absolutely demolish by the time he retires.

THE BUCS ARE BULLET PROOF As the playoffs draw closer, Tom Brady and his witchcraft are pointing towards another deep run in the post season. *Eyeroll

BAG MAN Whispers are getting louder in Lincoln. If you’re cheating, you ought to at least be winning fellas.

NBA UPDATES We’re just over a quarter way done of the NBA season, but the unofficial start is still 11 days away. Here’s some headlines to bring up at the water cooler so you don’t sound like a casual.

TOP 10 BOTTOM 10 A can’t miss of the lowlights from college football programs across the 2021 season. SHOW ME TEXAS LOSING TO KU.

CHRIS CREAMER’S SPORTS LOGO OF THE WEEK A dishonorable mention of Steph Curry’s alma mater. Davidson was given two things they couldn’t mess up. Red and black, and a simple mascot, the ‘wildcats’. So, what do we get in return? A feral looking house cat with a weird red diamond behind it. C’mon man.